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Do you know if there’s been any new research on the long term effects of anesthesia? I get put under anywhere from 1-3 times a year, and I know there were studies showing the possibility for memory issues and general cognitive decline, so I was wondering if anything new has come up in that field.

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Thanks for the response.

I ask because I’ve had a colectomy and a Whipple, and I know there’s also a lot of research being done about the effects of the gut biome on mental health and cognitive abilities, so that coupled with getting scopes multiple times a year makes it pretty scary since it seems like it’s not a matter of if, but when.

I’ve looked for studies recently, but it seems like a lot of them are a few years old at this point, so knowing that it’s still being looked at is very promising.

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I have FAP, which means I can have polyps grow anywhere in my GI tract. I have a j-pouch, which is prone to polyps, as well as my upper small intestine near any biliary ducts, and since I just finally started seeing an actual specialist in my disease last year, he wants scopes at least every six months to watch those trouble spots.

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I see you've never been to the Woburn location on a weekend or near a holiday. I've seen it so packed that you literally couldn't get a cart through the aisles.