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I was curious and gave an email address, it's $79.95 for 4 testing kits a year or $59.95 for 2 a year, both come with monthly probiotics. You have to pay for a few months up front before getting the testing kit it looks like.. (sent out on "3rd and 6th month respectively")

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Do you think you could take James Hoffman in a fight? What about in a cook-off?

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I was reading up on The Brothers Bloom yesterday (one of my favourite films -- so awesome) and saw you hid quite a few Easter eggy thing in there. Literary, visual, thematic -- talk about "Russian novels" -- my questions is: what's your favourite Easter egg to date, and what's the most mind-shatteringly awesome one no-one's noticed.

Is there anything like that to keep an eye out for in Looper?