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If you live in Montana, switching from electric heat to a rocket mass heater cuts your carbon footprint by 29 tons.

Can you show the math? I don't believe you. I assume that a rocket mass heater is efficient because the smoke leaving the house is so cool - meaning all of the heat stayed inside the building. If I live in Montana, and I am using natural gas, and my forced air high-efficiency furnace also has smoke that is very cool when it exits my house, how does a rocket mass heater beat my HE furnace? Of course, you said "electric heat", but how many people in Montana use electric heat for their house? Is electric heat a strawman?

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People like to feel like they have free will. They don't, though.

I love that you said that. I agree, with small qualifications. If we had truly free will, there would be very few obese people. If we had zero free will, we would never have invented airplanes and cell-phones.

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You might check if you have sleep apnea. When you have trouble breathing fully, your body panics and adrenalin kicks in. Your sleeping brain takes this suggestion of fear and runs with it - giving you scary dreams.

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I just finished Jonah Lehrer's "How we decide", and the first chapter of the book describes a patient named Elliot who was studied by neurologist Antonio Damasio in 1982. A tumor was cut out of Elliot's brain which severed the connection between his emotions and the frontal lobe. After that, Elliot was unable to make even the smallest decisions. We was fired from his high level executive job within months for being indecisive; he could not decide what to eat; filling out a simple form took days.

Excellent book, by the way, as was Thinking Fast and Slow.


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Do you have a SDK (system design kit) so that I can interface to the cap myself? (ie, read the EEG signals)