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Thank you so much for your work and for doing this. What band of the sea does this creature live in, meaning from what depth to what depth? Does it ever surface?

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Hello and thanks for being here! I’m interested to know about the latest research into why many SSRI meds impact desire and ability to come to orgasm ...(so to speak!) Does this seem to vary a great deal from individual to individual as well as to affect men and women differently?

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I have an incredibly lovely 2 1/2-year-old male cross between a goldendoodle and a labradoodle (Double doodle) and he is a really wonderful guy. Thanks so much for doing this.

  1. He regularly rolls over and over in snow and grass then gets up, shakes off and does it again. Is there any thought about what causes this behavior?
  2. He has no aggression at all except under one very defined circumstance: occasionally he will see a dog on a leash being walked while I am walking him on his leash. Once in a while, like a switch is turned on, he will bark insanely aggressively until I calm and quiet him which often takes a couple of minutes. There seems to be no rhyme or reason, no particular breed or size. Can happen across a wide street or close by. Thoughts re cause or fix?