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How does NewsVoice remove bias from the news? In my experience with the app, it’s as biased as the users. So when the users choose to focus on something that is biased, then NewsVoice content is also biased. And yes while different users with different opinions can create competing content, NewsVoice doesn’t offer any special features to help evaluate the positions against each other. One cluster of stories claims one thing, and cluster claims something else, and the comments under each are mostly just insult-fests against anyone who disagrees.

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Who determines the bias labels of the sources? I don’t think it’s the users...so aren’t those bias labels subject to bias by NV’s creators? I think the labels are like “Right”, “Left”, and “Europe”? (What is “Europe” bias, anyways?) And what if a source that normally might be considered “Left” contains an article that has “Right”-leaning bias? NV’s current system is opaque and overly-simplistic, in my opinion.

The summaries are okay, but I have seen situations where the summaries are part of an edit-war where each user tries to insert their own bias. Even when based upon the facts, by highlighting some facts over others, the summaries contain bias. And when these edit wars occur, it can only be resolved by secret moderator discussion that regular users know nothing about.

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How about moderation transparency? Are there features in the works to help users understand moderators’ actions? Maybe a history of all actions performed by all moderators. And a history of all moderation on a particular story. As well as moderation by a specific moderator, to help remove concern around moderator bias?

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What is Europe bias?

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Okay so if I understand you correctly, you consider NV to be more transparent than reddit because the titles of submitted articles can be edited.

But do you really know anything about who moderates NV edits? And if you personally happen to know, because you’re a member of the moderator team, does the average NV user know anything about the moderation team and the moderation actions they take, such as editing user content and hiding comments?

I think that part of the issue here is that Reddit has achieved scale; and so has come under well-known scrutiny for its moderator actions. Whereas because NV hasn’t achieved much scale, you just don’t know that the moderation process is entirely manual and without any oversight other than the founder Viktor manually reviewing the moderation teams manual moderation actions. Trust me, there is a lot of controversy waiting to erupt with NV if it achieves scale without figuring out its moderation system.