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Be honest though.... If a crackhead came in with an untraceable item wanting a fast $50 and you knew it was worth $1000, you would be all over that.

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WTF is a counterfeit cigarette? Honestly never heard of this. People growing their own and selling?

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Excellent fucking point. I'm ex-US Army and if I remember right an E-1 in basic training was around $900/month before taxes(at the time I did it, which was almost 15yrs ago..holy shit I just realized I'm old). Uh... Ok Anyways it wasn't much money on paper but after graduation I had thousands of dollars in my bank because I had $0 living expenses.

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Off topic but my big dream is to move to Alaska someday for experiences like that. However one thing I always found super freaky is how easy you could disappear without notice. What if some crazy other dog sledder decided to kill you 50 miles from your house? I mean by the time people realized you were actually missing the guy could easily hide your body/equipment. By the time law enforcement flew in literally every trace of evidence would be gone. If not a guy what about wild animals? Fuck what about big foot! Aliens!

Heh sorry to be so dark but I just always thought about how freaky it would be. I would imagine you carry a rifle and and gps equipment but that would only help find your half eaten corpse..