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Whats your role on the rig? Are you with the Operator, the Rig Company, a service company hand?

How long have you been doing it for approximately? How was it that you ended up working offshore?

have you been told to look for the keys for the V door yet? or answered a page for a telephone call only to find yourself talking to the entire rig? or anything along those lines.

Are you on a jack up? Is this a production rig or a drilling rig?

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Where you and the family quite fit before you left on your trip?

How did you deal with any illness on the trip?

How did you keep the twins education up during the trip?

What were your language skills like before hand. Fluent in Spanish?

Thanks for the Iama.

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Yeah after travelling in South America few years back I realised just how important it was to know Spanish. We struggled not being to speak Spanish.

Did you wear helmets all the time?

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Hi , thanks for the interesting AMA.

Just moved back from Australia to the UK after 4 years and what was very obvious there was the lack of online stores/being able to buy from brick and mortar stores online. This is despite the population or at least a large minority being very active ordering lots from overseas thanks to the high custom duty threshold

. My question(s) would be do you have any incites as to why this might be?

What would you like to do if you were starting out in a country without a significant online shopping culture.

Are there niches which you think work best initially. ie low value but convenience of being able to choose a large variety (like books) that are particularly suited for developing that mentality of online shopping. Before moving to other more valuable items that people would initially be weary of ordering.


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It's funny as it sounds like a company that us quite progressive but then at the same time isn't and is cheap instead. Is this jeckle and Hyde mentality reflected by the management.