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devthreethousand49 karma

Given that Make School is still a relatively new school, do you think I should be careful w.r.t visa refusals (28 y/o, from Nepal, aiming for 2021) coming from a third world country and make it less risky for me by applying for established colleges/community colleges first and then transfer to MakeSchool just for the sake of being safe from visa denials? I have been rejected once before and I am afraid of another rejection tbh. I am also restarting my education(previously, did actually go to college but didn't finish my degree as I was doing startups) after a long gap and I want to reduce the risks and not look suspicious when I go for an interview and have to explain to them about the possibility of getting a degree in 2 years via Make School which I am very interested in. I know that the visa question is completely out of your scope but I just wanted to know your thoughts on my thinking on approaching the visa and attending make school hopefully.

devthreethousand19 karma

That's a relief to hear.thankyou!!