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First off, Awesome! Is this related in any way to the new capabilities of 'growing' organs and what not? Or more of the holographic form of immortality, as I briefly heard about? What about our population problem? What is it that us plain folks just don't see with this transition? Also, is this in connection with any "free energy" source? I've been hearing a lot about "free energy" becoming a common component here soon, any word on that? And, if I can squeeze another response out of you 0=], if you are familiar with this "free energy" what is this Keshe foundation thing all about? Talking about ending war and poverty, creating abundance, and deep space exploration.. any comment or knowledge on that? Thank you very much for taking the time out of your day to answer some curious minds, knock us immortal!

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I will further look into your work as well as take you up on that offer of getting involved.

Everything else aside, I was screwed over by "a friend of mine" who became an informant due to his serious drug offenses (heroin or oxycoton one of the two I believe). Screwed over as in, not a drug dealer, portrayed as making a sale of marijuana! all I did was get in the car to smoke a free joint took a pretty long ride out of my state of NY into PA to go to his mom's house, since we knew each other's families, inwhich he proceeded to sell a very small bag (4 grams) of weed to a cop who he told me was his uncle! After 60,000 bail, an unconfident public defender, and an illogical plea deal (of 2 years probation if you plea, 3 years in prison if you lose trial), that wasn't offered until the day before trial during jury selection, since I never intended on pleading guilty until that point. I plead guilty, well now, in Bradford County, PA, I've already served probation twice, 2 years twice, plus the fines and supervision fees, community service twice, and now because I've failed a couple drug tests for marijuana and gave them a hard time about spending medicaid money on trying to send me to a half way house (after not even a month of outpatient services), I'm looking at 1 month to 72 months, incarceration, and then finish my time on parole, but if I fail one drug test they can violate me years later for it. Since I have totally 0% confidence in refraining from using marijuana for longer than a 12 month period, is there anything you see that might be able to help me judicially in this situation. Of course all I seek is your opinion of guidance in my situation, I know you can't give me legal advice or anything like that. But I am desperate, and haven't had much luck. They're not even taking into consideration all the time i've done, that i'm trying to finish up my Bachelor's degree, I already have 135 credits it's insane I don't already have one, I'll stay off that topic. But why am I being portrayed as such a criminal not deserving to live my life, I don't commit crimes, I haven't done one thing wrong this entire 4 years of probation, except smoke weed, why would I be incarcerated for that? Is it really all about the money? Why can't we work out some arrangement, I'll pay monthly for the rest of my life to stay out of prison, if it's about money why can't they still benefit while letting people like me, with outstanding character references from notable people with international standing in the science community, remain free of incarceration? Sorry for the informal manner, I have been typing all day, just came across this and wanted to be quick. I greatly appreciate any response, and I also commend your efforts at trying to redirect your former efforts, which by the way I must say, tough work! Thank you and have a great day!

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Would someone who refuses pharmaceuticals, but does have anxiety, depression, bipolar etc., and self medicates with marijuana have any defense for using while on probation? IF the person continued to use and were to get violated/revoked, but wanted to quit and comply with probation, would they still be at threat for jail time? What would convince the courts that this person does deserve a 3rd or 4th chance, when all they've done wrong is smoke marijuana? What's the chance that they'll just let them go after already 2 terms of 2 yrs probation, fines, and community service over a petty crime, or b/c they've smoked weed there is no chance at getting off due to the undeniable and prosecutable evidence? Thank you very much for doing one of these, it really does give insight from the probation officer's perspective. Truly appreciate you taking the time to respond to so many questions honestly, despite some possible ridicule, if there were any!

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What is your opinion on your incarceration, and state supervision, over the crimes you've committed? What's your opinion on the crimes, as crimes? Are you seeking retribution? What is in play to change some of these rules? And are you involved with any current activism efforts that may possibly land you back in jail or on probation? Thanks for doing this AMA, as well as a standing ovation commendment for your years of service, dedication, and resilient efforts! Thank you Dr. Hastings, I will definitely follow up on your life's work!

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Thank you for such a suggestion, I actually collect such info as this, until it becomes a book in my library! And as for society reinforcing bad factors that push high levels of crime and incarceration, what are the worst factors? I believe it is the profit-motive, money in general.. which pushes, influences behavior, that's specifically seen in marketing, advertising. I do appreciate this wealth of information I have received from you in 3 short messages. I hope you wont mind me saving this, and possibly contacting you with more questions later on that may concern your particular field, if that is alright? And in case you were wondering, yes I am a probationee, and you may have noticed by some of my old posts, that I have been on probation several times, having a hard time, each time, to completely successfully getting off probation. And I am no criminal, my rap sheet is in one sentence. Criminal Misch in the 4th, for cutting a bus seat in high school and possession of marijuana, nothing more than misdemeanors, according to NY standards which I have lived all of my life! I have had a dependency on marijuana issue, but is me quitting pot really why I'm still on probation or is it more about the profit motive?