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All you need to do now is take a pro-marijuana legalization position and Reddit will be your own personal army haha.

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You guys really need to study political science, this strategy does not work. People have a strong personal bias towards the front runner - especially when he's up by a lot. By splitting it, you are just insuring that Smith will be up by a lot going into the run-off, which will make low information voters support him.

Also, you have to realize people political maps aren't equal to you. Most people, despite your efforts, won't give a shit about SOPA and all that. My parents can barely use email, they don't care about internet freedom. Because of this, some of the people who originally supported one of Smith's opponents, may very well support Smith in a run-off if their candidate is knocked out.

Also, your billboard is really ineffectual. Name Recognition is super important, probably one of the most important things, to get candidate support. By not making your guys name the center of the billboard, makes it a complete waste (or even makes things WORSE because it increases the name recognition of your opponent)

Listen I want to donate money, but this has to get more professionalized. I'm not going to burn money on witty, but completely ineffective, billboards

TL;DR: Pick ONE an alternative candidate. Get a better billboard. Find a political consultant. There's tons of marketing/psychology research on this.

P.S. I'd get rid of the reddit symbol. If this takes off, it'll take Smith about 5 minutes to tie Reddit to jailbat and misogyny subreddits. "Smith opponents are supported by pedophile"

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This is what I'd really liked answered. CNN let's both democrats and republicans get away with complete falsehoods and/or spin. It's made me stop watching the channel. SEVEN years ago, Jon Stewart highlighted this on Crossfire, and things have only gotten worse.

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Do you feel that the media is too interested in presenting both sides of the story, and not enough in actually discerning the facts (perhaps due to fear of seeming unbiased)?

For example, in the debt ceiling debate, one side was much more extremist/irrational/dangerous than the other, but I didn't really see this highlighted in the mainstream media.

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Damn dude how much debt did you take out, $100k? You might want to increase the time frame from 10 years to 30.