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Depends on the state you live in. In Colorado you can confirm your ballot was sent/counted/received online at https://colorado.ballottrax.net/voter/

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Do mail in ballots have prepaid postage this year, or do they still require postage?

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What should I do if my ballot appears to have been opened when I received it? There’s no obvious signs it was tampered with but I’m not sure if I should just go vote in person instead.

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Yes you have to be 18. But if you will be 18 on Election Day and are 17 right now, many states let you register to vote now so that you can vote on Election Day.

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Only the first ballot received is accepted (assuming it is verified by an election official via your affidavit). No matter how many more you submit (barcode is associated with your voter ID) only the first accepted one is counted and the rest are rejected. Some states let you track your ballot online.