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Ugh, my mom is actually hard of hearing, but she still expects you to hear her from another room, even though she's got the TV up loud and you can't hear her and she can't hear you even if you DO hear her and respond, just why?

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Edit: No, the don't try to find out who passed it to you, they try to find who you may have passed it to. /end edit

They still ask for partners to notify people who could have been infected, for their safety and health knowledge. While they do their best to be confidential, if you've only had a partner or two it's pretty easy to contact them and ask. If I recieved something in the mail saying "a past partner of yours now has X, you may be at risk and need to be tested"... I'd probably call my partner/s up and go "is this you?"... but then I've almost always been in contact with partners.

And yes, they notify even if the person didn't know, because there's a time period where they could have transmitted it to others. But it's not a fault of the transmitter thing, just a hey "someone who has X said they had sex with you and you could be at risk so please get tested.".

So it's pretty great and shows OPs integrity that he was honest when past partner asked. And great that she not only is negative but also that they are still friends!

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Sympathy for you! Really, I hope you have a long life and are mentally happy/healthy and physically healthy without too much hassle (I realize there's probably some involved).

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I enjoy all three answers here. I especially like the integrity of "you need to work on this first" before we can work on dating life. Kudos.

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Sorry, she has hearing aides and know she can not hear well. Love her cause she's my mom but it is what it is. I'd say I dunno how dad does it, but for all her crazy she's devoted to him (he has MS). She complains a lot, wishes I was a girly girl... But still wants me around. I don't participate in her drama which gives my dad some back lash, which I hate but I am just not playing her game and he understands.