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So I've heard some stories from a buddy that did the college program about the housing for interns being like the Olympic Village in terms of people letting off steam and going crazy. Did you find that to be the case?

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Hey Jeremy,

I know you probably want to talk about WildStar specifically, but I have a couple of general questions for you about the MMO genre in the context of how WildStar will address that. If you could answer any, I'd appreciate it.

The last few MMO games I've played have given me the impression that MMOs are kind of in a rut. What do you think the next step forward in MMOs, and what do you think WildStar adds to the experience?

Next, with the exception of WoW and EVE, most MMOs seem to hit big and then die off. It seems like positive word of mouth is a big deal, and retention of a player base is just as important. The easiest way to improve both is getting a real community feel in the game world that keeps people coming back and makes those people want to bring others with them. What kind of mechanics do you think are best at that and how will WildStar accomplish that?

What do you think the impact of simulation games and purer sandbox games like Minecraft and DayZ will have on MMOs? Are non combat roles (pure crafters) a potential untapped resource for MMOs that haven't been utilized yet? How will you guys attempt to give people diversions outside of other MMO games that might keep attention for longer than a trip to max level and upper level dungeons/raids?