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With the benefit of hindsight, how much should we care anymore, and is the “never forget” mindset a constructive one? In other words, sure we made it that “most important” story, but should it be that way?

Obviously the loss of 3,000 lives is a grave tragedy, but it’s highly debatable whether our collective responses have been good for anyone — systematic dismantling of civil liberties, ineffective security theater, bigotry masquerading as patriotism, domestic terror groups, arbitrary unending wars, civilian deaths and human rights abuses, immense concentration of power and wealth in the MIC, creation and emboldening of even more dedicated and elusive enemies…

We now hardly bat an eye at the 600k Americans who have died needlessly from COVID-19, whereas 9/11 proved to be an anomaly. Foreign terror threats, we now know, are low on the list of things that put Americans at risk. It’s hard to believe our national “immune response” wasn’t more toxic than the original stimulus.

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Yes and no. It's a one-time three-day training program, required of all people at or above a specific job level (i.e. senior management). They are given the same fulfillment targets as a new hire and usually don't fare too well, because desk jockeys.

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Can you give an example of what happens when someone crosses the line? What do teachers do, and how do the students themselves react?

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What factors prevented you from knowing the pay structure before you accepted your jobs?