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How did you get the subject wrong ? Do you not have photos of what a person looks like, addresses of home or work... It seems things wouldn't match up and one could figure that out before feeling like "All smug and happy". I don't understand.

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No one mentioned steel container homes yet. What do you think ? My case; Northern California, been welding a long time, could add one every other year, some partially in the earth, they're cheap, and the "cool" factor seems high for my opinion. What do you know or think of making one of these ? What or how would you do it ? Do's and dont's ?

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Maybe somebody asked this already but I didn't see it so... How many transgender airline pilots operate windmills ? I ask only because it's an AMAA instead of an AMA. Yes, ima a bit of a smart ass sometimes.

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Post the name here so I can subscribe please ? Should you make one....I would love to see them.

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Do you have a youtube channel ?