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As a senator would you have any ability to resurrect the space program? Like would there be anything you could do or say to better NASA? As a physicist how do you feel about what the government is doing to NASA?

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Yes, great points. I am very interested in space and the space program and I died a little inside when I heard about the lack of funding. I think space is the future and to not providing funding for what I believe is a necessity is absolutely absurd. How do you think space will play a role in our future as human beings?

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Well that's good. I am also half black and half white. Except my mom is white and my dad black. My parents were never married and my mom broke up with my dad before I was born. He sold drugs and my mom told him to stop but he didn't so she left him. She didn't have anywhere to go except for her sisters, my aunt. She lived in New York(where my moms side of the family is from), and my mom lived in Georgia. So, she moves to New York to live with my aunt and her husband who is from Greece. According to my mom, my aunts husband would verbally assault my mom because my mom was going to have a half black baby. They told my mom she couldn't keep a baby there. My mom was on the verge of giving me up for adoption(keep in mind I haven't even been born yet!) But then my mom said she had this dream that was so real. In this dream(before I was born) she could see my face, and she said after I was born(In New York, and my mom eventually moved back to Georgia) the me she saw in her dream looked exactly how I actually looked in real life. So after she had the dream she knew she was going to keep me. I feel so luck every time I think about that story. But regardless my mom got married to another man who was my step father for 15 years. They just got divorced last year(I am 19). When I was about 8 my dad went to prison for drug dealing and he is still in there now. I remember he would come pick me up on the weekends. One day I realized he had stopped coming and I asked my mom why he didn't come anymore. She basically waited for about a month and finally told me that he was in prison. I know I had a step brother. But I haven't seen him since the last time I saw my dad. I know this story wasn't relevant but I just wanted to tell it to someone who would at least appreciate it. Im glad you found a piece of you that was missing.

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Ooo hopefully he replies to this.

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Thank you. My mom has always been there for me. Everything she has ever done has been in the interest of me. She is the most selfless person I know and that alone has impacted me more than anything that has happened. She wants me to do better than she did and thanks to her, I am succeeding. I am sure your mom was the same way. Am I right?