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A worthy service and aspiration! Can you explain what happens in the backed and in particular where the data is sourced?

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Thank you for doing this Lori! I have two questions:

1) What voting reforms (ie automatic voter registration, same day voter registration,etc) would help improve the strength and participation of our elections?

2) Is there an inherent trade off between the ease of voting and the security of the vote?

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Is this an auto-correct? It doesn't seem to make sense with the rest of the comment, but I'm coming up blank on what it could have auto-corrected from. Maybe I'm behind on terminology.

Not Elliot but I think he's saying that u/R_K_M came up with a comprehensive list of differences. You can swap error for list and it makes more sense.

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Thanks for doing this! What makes this NVRD different than that in 2020 or during federal elections? Put another way how difficult have you found it to register voters in an "off-year" election?