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Fan here. Not sure why he didnt answer this one but he identifies as a "lukewarmer". Believes it's real but believes the Al Gore / Greta / Extinction Rebellion scenarios are exaggerated, and that fossil fuels are hard to replace. Supports nuclear and other realistic solutions, though.

He is sometimes smeared as a "climate change denier" by political activists who can't distinguish actual science from what their own moral and political ideology says the government should do about a problem. But he doesn't "deny" it.

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He probably means a signed copy, Matt. 😅

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Haven't the IPCC models been horribly wrong in projecting temperature change?

And isnt it the Gore / Greta / Greeneace / XR coalition that gives figures ten times higher than what the IPCC projects?

Also note that the probability and severity is only one factor in the question of what to do about it, which you're equivocating here...

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It's on his website!