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The Siena is the least expensive that I recommend - https://naplab.com/mattress-reviews/siena-mattress-review/

It's far from perfect, but it checks many boxes that I look for, has reasonably good performance, and is a fantastic value at $399 for a Queen.

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You will be when you feel like you're running extra laps around the track due to all that low bounce

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"Best mattress" is a tough one, as what's best for one body / budget / sleeping position may not be best for others.

I tend to think of it as more best of categories (ie, best by material type, best for X budget, best for side sleepers, etc.)

Here's my best of list for the major material categories:

Best Hybrid: Winkbed Original

Best Coil: Saatva Classic

Best Memory Foam Hybrid: Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid & Bear Elite

Best Memory Foam: Ghostbed Luxe

Best Foam: Douglas

Best Latex Hybrid: Birch

Best Latex: Spindle

Best Specialty: Purple Hybrid

Lots more to be said about all and these and more here - https://naplab.com/best-mattress/ (in case you're interested).

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For the most part, no.

However, I am currently having sex with our book keeper (who happens to be my wife).

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A great question...and a big question, but I'll do my best to answer.

The mattress industry has the right mix of elements that make it ripe for an absolute mess of marketing nonsense.

1) Mattresses are expensive - even without an insane markup, a good quality mattress is going to run you $1000-$1500. And even a more reasonable 50% margin means there is a lot of money to be made.

2) The mattress industry is large - in the US there is ~$12 billion in annual mattress sales.

3) Mattresses are relatively easy to manufacturer - there are numerous manufacturers in the US who can quickly and inexpensive build and drop-ship a mattress with your company branding. New brands don't need to build their own factory, often don't need significant warehouse, and don't need much in terms of start up capital. This is contrast to sofas, fridges, or cars, which are all comparatively hard to manufacturer.

4) Consumers don't have access to good information - mattress brands don't generally do a good job at explaining what's in their mattress in a way that's easy to understand and easy to compare from model to model or brand to brand. Instead, there is lots of marketing language that can be hard to decipher. As a result, it's easy for mattress companies to get consumers to spend more than they need.

There is undoubtedly more to it than that. But these are the 4 major factors that set the stage. When consumers don't have full information as to what they are buying with a market size that's large, lucrative, and easy for new players to enter, you end up with where we are at today.