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Do you know how many readers of The Massachusetts Daily Collegian rely on your translation work?

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Non-American here.

I am aware of the KKK which are occasionally represented in pop culture (I remember the movie Mississippi Burning and thought how evil they were).

Has there been at any point in time a non-white member, or even a non-white honorary member?

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Malaysian here. My mom religiously watches local, Mexican, Philippines, Indonesian and South American soap operas on our cable. If they put on African soap I have no doubt she will have one more room to accommodate.

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I'm gonna guess he was referring to field hockey. It's faster and tougher just the same.

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Malaysian here.

We are by no means a wealthy industrialised nation but we do have a very high humber of immigrant workers with immigrant ratio per population among the highest in the world. Workers from neighbouring Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Phillipines and as far as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal etc come here regularly.

The difference is that they are here under stipulated time and need to go home before they can return for another stint.

Because of this, they know there is virtually no encouragement for them to start a family, education or having major health issues even though all these are still affordable in our country. Even those in here illegally know what is the score for them.

Question. Why can't the US come out with a programme which makes easier entry for these immigrant workers with conditions such as that they can't stay in the country for extended period of time?