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Coming from more of a computer engineering and science background, Julia is the first language that I’ve both enjoyed learning and using. Previous to Julia, my main languages were Python and C# (and SQL if you count that). I avoided C++ in college (at a cost to my GPA at times) like the plague. I can now happily say that I use Julia almost exclusively in personal use or anytime there is not a legacy language in place.

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why zoom? why not an existing live streaming service like twitch or youtube that is a) discoverable b) follow-able c) saves a recording for future viewing d) advertises for you to potential viewers and e) provides built in monetization options.

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i think that would enable you to nurture an audience and fan base during and beyond the pandemic given a good marketing strategy. (which, honestly, should be near effortless given your collaboration record). but ultimately, you know best what your goals are as an organization. best of luck!

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thanks for the response. i would suggest that you could still have a limited "live audience" via zoom while streaming the concert to a larger audience on a different platform.

and while i very much support the preservation of live performances, i understand that there are legal and personal complexities involved.