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Those patents are expired. Manufacturing good lego parts is difficult.

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Shedded endometrium can be reabsorbed into the peritoneum/myometrium, most likely through macrophage mediated consumption of apoptotic and necrotic cells and blood. This occurs in women with endometriosis. Resorption of menses is physiologic in most mammals (only humans and 9 other mammals shed their menses).

Sepsis wouldn't occur since the endometrium would have been sterile (the uterus is sterile, only the vaginal canal is colonized by flora). Sepsis is mediated by a inflammatory reaction to bacterial products (eg LPS).

Nature Reviews Endocrinology volume10, pages261–275 (2014).

Bioessays. 2012 Jan; 34(1): 26–35.

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To create a vaginal canal for OP, you would need a team consisting of a pediatric gynecologist, urologist, and pediatric plastic surgeon that specialized in the pelvis, also a modern OR and a anesthesiologist. Outside of a major urban academic center, you are unlikely to find such expertise.

Often MtF and FtM transition surgeries require a similar team (GYN + urology + plastic surgery). These aren't easy, run of the mill surgeries that a general surgeon could do in a community or rural hospital.

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Probably de novo; Mullian agenesis (or in OP's case, vaginal agenesis) are multifactorial inheritance so genetic studies aren't useful.

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The pathophysiology of migraine is not fully understood. Different aspects contribute to the development and severity of migraine, such as

  • Vascular dysregulation: vasodilation appears to play a role and there is an association between migraine and disorders with generalized vasospasms (particularly the arteries that supply the dura (the connective tissue fascia) of the brain)).
  • Dysregulation of pain sensitization in the trigeminal system (the nerves that supply the dura).
  • Cortical spreading depression: continuously spreading depolarization of neuronal cells in the cortex

Most drugs target vasodilation:

  • Triptans are serotonin agonists that cause vasoconstriction.
  • CGRP is involved in mediating vasodilation within the dura and CGRP inhibitors have been developed to treat migraine.