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dennismarr107 karma

Hey Robby! One my favorite songs by you guys is Mystery Train and how it slowly descends into “Away in India” and then “Crossroads”. Is there any backstory about how those three songs came to light? as they were only performed live. You guys were absolutely mind-blowing when you played Crossroads.

Also, When you were recording The Soft Parade, did you guys expect the dislike from the people? I personally believe it’s a masterpiece, and I can’t quite understand why people didn’t like The Soft Parade as much as the other albums.

Thank you for the legendary music!

dennismarr41 karma

Wow! And for the longest time I was wondering where you guys first performed those three songs. The fact that it was the Isle of Wight makes it ten times better -- as the Isle of Wight festival is my favorite live performance by you guys. Jim's vocals, your playing, John's drumming, and Ray's playing made it sound like such an incredible night!

Robby, thank you for the answer. You're an absolute legend and your music means so damn much to me. All the best to you!