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Do you live in the US? Median house size here is 2400 sq ft. 4000 is large but I wouldn't have thought to comment on it.

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Maybe if our prosecutorial system didn't make victims' lives hell they would be more likely to press charges.

For instance, is what a victim was wearing really relevant to a case? The clear implication is always that the victim was "asking for it". That line of questioning is never the case in other violent crimes cases. No one ever says "he was in that alley, just asking to get shot."

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I think that's the point of the commenter you responded to. It's not vegan or bust. There's a lot of room in between where we can just eat less meat.

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Guess it depends on what ridiculously large means to you. To me, "ridiculously large" would be 1 in 100 or more. This suggests it's 1 in 20 houses that are over 4000 sq ft: http://www.freeby50.com/2011/02/distribution-of-home-sizes-in-us.html?m=1#:~:text=New%20houses%20are%20larger%20than,half%20are%20more%20than%201800.

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Thanks for the response! Is there a particular bad story of logistics/communication failure you can share?