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TIL I can correct all problems with attitude.

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I give you great respect for answering the question. Some of the negative comments I read after watching DFA had to do with scope creep: "They already raised $3M and now they need more???" Sort of thing.

The perception I've gathered (justified or not) is that DoubleFine is very creative and original but not always great at predicting scope/timeframe/budgets.

My guess is that this has always been the case in video game development, but the advent of Crowdfunding has placed it under an unforgiving spotlight.


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So what's your big takeaway from doing the DoubleFine Adventure doc? Did all the transparency gain you more trust or suspicion from your supporters?


Edit: Link to the full 20 episodes on YouTube - WARNING: YOU WILL WANT TO BINGE WATCH THEM ALL.

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If he can't make this happen, he should change his Twitter handle to TimofVanquishedDreams.

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As I watched the DoubleFine adventure doc, I was really fascinated with your leadership style. You've got a big responsibility with an awesome group of talented folks.

  • What approaches in your leadership of the team do you think help get the most out of them?

  • How do you balance the desire to give them total creative/technical freedom with actually having to push a product that makes money?

  • Any ways that you feel like you can still improve as a leader?

Thanks Tim!

Edit: let me just add that as someone in a leadership position, I really loved seeing how completely genuine and comfortable you are in your own skin. Not sure how you've felt about it over the years, but it really seemed that you had never felt any need to compromise your true personality in order to be "in charge." I can tell why people love working for/with you.