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How do you start playing an instrument when it was (I assume) bigger than you? 4 year olds are not big, but cello's are.

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Actually a few questions, but shouldn't be too much.

What's your favorite piece to play or hear?

Why did you choose cello and have you ever thought about playing something else (no hate for cello though, they are amazing)?

How does it feel to not get to properly play Pachelbel's Cannon in D?

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Honestly I just sort of assumed they would stand on a chair and have some help, but I'm not sure about the reach requirements (I obviously haven't played one, only seen them).

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Yeah, I looked it up a bit ago and realized they make smaller ones (actually I wanted to see if there were any 4 year olds that are really good at it, like there are for guitar and stuff). It's kind of adorable tbh.

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Yeah, I just found out about them about a minute before you replied.