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Is it true that young dogs' first real hearding experience will be with ducks? Because ducks like to kinda stick together and are small enough to be moved about by a smallboi.

Also just want to say that I love your craft. My fiance and I go to the national sheepdog champs whenever it's in my part of the country. It's seriously entertaining, and I barely understand the basics.

To anyone reading my comment, I encourage you to go spectate such a thing of you get the chance. It's legit.

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Hi, thanks for answering questions. I have one or two.

How much of getting cold in water is psychological? I had someone tell me that it is very much "in your head". I think he was full of it.


I get cold way faster than just about anyone else I know. Like it's a problem. I don't mind getting into cold water per say, but if I'm in even OK water for not very long, I start shivering and want to go warm up. Even in a wet suit. Is it physiological other than that I'm really thin?

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How's that working out for you? Many takers?

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Are you like this because real skills are hard?