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I love the little details in the story:

-New Jersey

-Some Italians she called "interesting fellows"


-Las Vegas

Why isn't this a movie already?!

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I've understood you enjoy history, which do you prefer?

  • Abraham Lincoln or George Washington

  • Alexander the great or Julius Caesar

  • Elon Musk or Steve Jobs

  • NIkola Tesla or Thomas Edison

  • Warren Buffet or George Soros

  • Mozart or Beethoven

  • Gallileo or Da Vinci

  • Einstein or Newton

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I'm in luck, thought I missed it as I first read 4am.

I want to start by saying I have great respect for your work, very thought through and the way you disected how things work and what the cause and effect relationships are. You have also inspired me to delve into efficient investing and after 4 months of studiyng different drafts and papers created my own all weather portfolio which I have tilted for slowing growth and increasing inflation

The question:

Do you believe we would have a better society without credit based debt? I.e if someone wanted to borrow money there would have to be someone who had it saved that could lend it (as opposed to creating IOU:s from nothing)