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Thank you so much for taking the time to do this AMA. What was it like working with Mel Gibson in Ransom? Were there any signs of his temper or alcoholism that have plagued him in recent years? What is your overall impression of the movie and the plot?

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Interesting, the latest track cone for the storm pretty much shows it headed right towards the vicinity of Mar A Lago.

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But, doesn't that air go through very powerful filters before it gets recycled? I mean, I completely agree that steps are being taken to make airline travel seem safe by the gov't, so the industry doesn't completely tank. But, I am seriously wondering if the air filters can catch those very tiny micro-particles before pumping the air back into the cabin.

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I can still see it, don't think it's been removed.

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I agree with all of your thoughts - both of them put in absolutely wonderful performances in that movie. And yes, I would like to ask Gary his thoughts on playing the villain in the movie and how that experience was for him?