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Did you leave on good terms?

With a lot of my coworkers, yes, and we've kept in touch afterwards. With the company, probably not enough to get hired back, but I think now (and at the time), the feeling was mutual.

Edit: on the mutual feeling thing, one of my favorite quotes is by Heraclitus:

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.

It's a perspective I really take to heart, so current-reddit, current-me, probably a mismatch, but who knows in the future.

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I'm at Spotify!

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Heyyyy hermano.

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The company:

The murky future's kinda annoying. The two obvious things you do with reddit are turn it into a non-profit (like Wikimedia) or run it somewhat for-profit, but be free from investors looking for a payout (like Craigslist). For a while, I thought reddit was finding its way between these two models, but with the new round of funding, it looks like reddit's headed for an exit in 3-5 years. Keep an eye on what comes out of reddit of the next year. The projects the massive batch of new hires work on will tell you where the company's headed. The last big release was an AMA app.

I'm sure employees are feeling the murky future, now.

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If you had to criticize one aspect of reddit's management, what would it be?

How it's so two-faced about openness. A lot of community and product-related issues were solved very collaboratively, and that was awesome. Then there were occasional edicts that seemingly materialized out of nowhere; It felt like there were a lot of politics in the background.