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Do you guys get mandatory counseling or time off when you take an awful call like that?

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To those that aren't Stern fans, The Iron Sheik is a huge fan favorite of the show. here's a few of my favorite Sheik appearances. I really miss Artie

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I've always wished movie theaters had a daycare. There's a ton of parents that would love to go to a movie but don't because it's too big of a pain to get a sitter on a Saturday night, then pay them $10 - $15 an hour and then afford to go to a movie. I bet people would pay $20 - $30 per child easy to have their children watched while they watch a movie plus you'd get a whole new demo coming in. Parents who often have money. Probably impossible to do, but just a thought.

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Holy shit I feel awful now. When I signed up I set up the tip to 20%. I just read that only applies towards taxi cab rides requested through Uber? Not actual Uber cars. I didn't even know there was a such thing. I thought I'd been tipping this whole time. Why does Uber do it this way?

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What's "the kneeling feature"?