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How exactly does that offer work? You get 200 cows...but she is now married to you so she sorta still has 200 cows.

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Two of my biggest complaints:

1) You charge $1 for a "convenience" fee to book online. You are more or less forcing everyone to book online now by the reserved seating. This causes everyone to end up paying a dollar more per ticket. Why is there a fee for something that saves you time and once it is set up, does not cost anything to keep operational. We know that it does not cost $1 to book online.

2) You cannot use gift cards on your website. You are more or less screwed on seats due to this.

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But specifically, what books?

Edit: nevermind, I see your post below showing them.

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Fuck I cannot even imagine. Where is management in all of this? They all need to be fired.

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GG Victoria