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I have seen several RTs in discussions on reddit imply that they are doing more than doctors during this time due to x, y, z reason. It's pretty sad. We are all doing are best to manage these patients. RTs are a valuable asset but to imply that an icu doctor can't manage a vent without them is ridiculous

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This was at an icu during my residency.

Perhaps, I may be off base in my assumptions, but I have seen quite a number of RTs in other reddit threads indicating they are "more on the front lines" then other doctors. When I read your comments that is similar to how it comes across. If that is not your intention then okay, I can get behind that you guys play an important role and your knowledge and recommendations play an important part of team care.

I still think that any icu doc worth their weight can manage a vent without an rt.

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What do you mean by manage the vent? Do you mean you are clinically assessing the patient and changing their settings? Or are you taking about managing the technical features on the vent?

You are quite disingenuous of you are implying doctors can't manage the first part as well as an RT. That is like an radiology tech stating they are better than a radiologist. The technical aspect of getting a proper radiology scan is going to better by a radiology tech but the clinical knowledge and expertise to know how to assess and treat the scan is going to be with the radiologist. Same for you guys.

Source : have worked in an icu before. We managed all the settings.