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Yes I mean it. Counting the breath is just counting the breath, and it leads to peace. Mental gymnastics and hypotheticals lead to problems.

deetro-1 karma

As a 22 year meditation practitioner and Zen Buddhist, you may want to consider not hosting meditation retreats. Your student realizing she is on the "cusp of enlightenment" is complete delusion, and any teacher I know of would have steered her clear of that delusional state of mind in a hurry.

Also, there is nothing mysterious about meditation. It is simply counting your breath or following your breath, or just "being" where you are at. Anyone that suggests counting your breath leads to suicide should probably see a therapist and not attempt any meditation.

I would personally only seek meditation instruction by someone who is in a living lineage and has been given transmission by someone who has received transmission from a teacher within the living lineage of the Buddha. They do exist, albeit very rare.

Good luck