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Have you got permission from your superiors to do this? There must be stuff you can’t talk about?

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Firstly congratulations!

1) longest stretch with no water? Did you treat water?

2) how much food did you need to carry?

3) which months did you hike in?

4) would you recommend it to a non Australian?

5) did you have any scary wildlife encounters?

6) have you done other hikes like this before?

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The Jon Ronsen episode of Joe Rogan has two people who know him personally discussing him. I can’t quite remember when in the podcast or exactly what they said as it was months ago I listened. Joe is fairly defensive of him and considers him a friend. Jon used to know him but doesn’t so much now.


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Thanks for your answers! I’ll save your site and if I ever end up in Australia I’ll do it. I hiked the PCT a few years ago! It’s a fantastic hike.

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What’s the idea behind your podcast?