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Hey all!

My question: Are any of you working on guided entry for Dragon (à la MSL)? Are we going to see some pinpoint landings over the next couple of years? Best of luck, and don't get totally burned out!

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I think making a transatlantic flight to take part in climate action would be a bit ironic, but I'll look around whether they have similar events around here. Or start some!

Thanks for the quick reply and all the incredible work you're doing.

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  1. What do you think actually needs to happen before the world will appropriately start the battle against climate change? It can be anything, from political changes, riots, giant disaster in a western city that's clearly linked to climate change...
  2. How do you deal with being in a sector that most of the time has to deal with bad news? I put a web page that posted news around climate and environment as my homepage for a while. However interesting it was I had to switch it after a while: it was too depressing. I wonder: how do you deal with it?