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As journalists, do you agree with the assessment by some of your colleagues that the "new media" business model, and the decline of advertising revenue, naturally leads to increased partisanship in the press? Steven Pearlstein, Pulitzer prize winner, estimates a market for "six or seven" world class English language outlets in the future, of which "only about two" would be non-partisan - mostly serving an upper-class market. Do you think this is realistic?

Also, do you believe that the experience with the many retracted or never corroborated news stories about Russiagate warrants more skepticism by the press towards the anonymous "government sources" they were based on?

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I didn't read about it, heard him speak about it in a podcast, but here's a transcript: http://review.chicagobooth.edu/economics/2019/article/capitalisn-t-why-capitalism-needs-journalism

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Projections, expectations, and case studies. The case studies can be very hard to find, since only box office numbers get reported, so we had to dig deep

Just how reliable is that data, in practice? I mean, from a layman perspective, forecasting which movies will work often looks like a crapshoot even for major studios; what information is the most predictive, in your opinion? How far does it get you?

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Are you a former US serviceman? Where did you get military training for fighting with the YPG?

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That's the standard story that basically every entrepreneur tells.

Also, if the guy made a profitable movie at 24, I think he's earned bragging rights for a while.