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I’m so sorry for your family’s loss but amazed by the strength to make the choice to save someone’s life.

Would you want to talk to a journalist about it? If so, I’m in the middle of a long series about the organ transplant system and maybe we could tackle this head on together. Doors open if you ever would like to!

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Ha! I’m a she and I’m only a decent writer but an exceptional podcast creator. Hopefully you hear the story soon :)

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Hello! I’m a podcast person who exclusively covers organ transplants, especially living kidney donation. So glad you spoke to Al Roth, he’s a total fuckin badass. I’d loooooove to talk to you sometime about your experience if you’re down. Mainly what the challenges were and what was easier/harder than you expected?

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I work for a large investigative journalism podcast that’s very easily found on Spotify/Apple podcasts/stitcher/etc! You can PM me if you’re interested but I’d rather not put it out there for all of reddit attached to my personal account. :)

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Hi! I’m a journalist who has been covering medicolegal death investigators in relation to OPOs in America for the last six months. Would you want to chat with me sometime about your relationship with your OPO? I’d be thrilled.