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Hi there, I'm super unrelated to Marc & his story, but if you haven't heard this episode of Reveal about parental alienation I highly recommend: https://www.revealnews.org/episodes/bitter-custody/

My disclaimer is that I worked on the episode and the podcast as a whole. But I do think you'd really enjoy it if you have interest in the topic.

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I’m so sorry for your family’s loss but amazed by the strength to make the choice to save someone’s life.

Would you want to talk to a journalist about it? If so, I’m in the middle of a long series about the organ transplant system and maybe we could tackle this head on together. Doors open if you ever would like to!

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I take no credit for the journalism being good, I just work in post! But the reporters are an example of some of the most dogged, intelligent people I've ever worked with.

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Ha! I’m a she and I’m only a decent writer but an exceptional podcast creator. Hopefully you hear the story soon :)

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Make and model of your first car