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Any stories of successful rescues you'd managed to do that day? How was the situation like on the ground?

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How do you train the animals to follow your commands?

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First of all thank you and your mother for doing this AMA. I visited Cambodia last year and learning about the Khmer Rouge period was incredibly heartbreaking. I find it amazing how Cambodians are almost always so cheery and kind, even though most of them lived through one of the most devastating periods in history.

My question is, how does your mom feel regarding the ongoing trials for the leaders of the regime? It seems to me that even if they are sentenced, they wouldn't be facing the full reprisals of what they did (due to their age and health). They seem to have gotten away relatively unscathed despite the destruction they caused. In your mom's opinion what would be the appropriate punishment for what they have done?

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What are your thoughts on the recent Oakland Ghostship fire and The Station fire? If building owners do not follow building codes, is there any thing that normal residents can do beyond not visiting the venue?

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Hi Malcolm! Really enjoyed your books. My question is, when you are not working, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?