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I'm going to guess that you don't answer anymore and you're also going to avoid this topic like the plague... but I'm going to ask anyway.

Currently, imho, the costume system has gone backwards by a huge amount. Where we used to be able to edit and add to the costumes on the fly, any time we got a new costume piece, now we need to go to one NPC in our faction capital (from my point of view the other faction's capital does not exist, not a viable point for costume change).

  1. The new change is not in line with the rest of the game and does not inform new players what to do with costumes - unless you consider reading forums, googling or asking area chat as informing

    • we get costume slots at 7, I believe, questing progression naturally brings you to city around 14ish.
    • game tells you that you now have costumes available and proceeds to tell you nothing at level 7 about how to add pieces to your costume and use it
    • game tells you about dyeing at 14ish in the main city, but you have to basically infer that you can edit costumes and how to use costumes from a quest that is about dyes.
    • in Ilium at least the NPC is called dye something and is hiding behind a pole and guards do not inform you where he is and he is not marked neatly on the map
  2. The new change presents us with a much less useable and friendly costume system. We used to have great systems. Two iterations ago we could use the same hat in ALL of our costume sets if we wanted, but we had to keep hold of the hat if we ever wanted to change it and then put it on again. One iteration ago we lost the ability to have said hat in all costume sets, but gained the bonus of not having the costume pieces take up slots in our inventory. Now we have to go to one NPC in the entire world so he can help us change our undies. Seriously, how can you NOT see that it's a downgrade from two pretty damn amazing systems?

I feel like you betrayed your dev speak on customization hard. The last we have hard is basically a rather set in stone answer that this is the crappy system we get for launch and no ifs buts or anything about it. All because some people used costume slots to same inventory space. You threw the baby with the bathwater and left yourself no time or willingness to fix it.

Here is your dev speak, in case it was so long ago you guys forgot: youtube video

I want to know: A. Do you plan to at least fix how you communicate costume system to the new player in game BEFORE launch? The current system would be considered broken in any MMO if you have to google how to use it and have to disrupt leveling or wait 7 levels to use the system. B. What are your plans post launch? You have been uber tight lipped about your downgrade of a wonderful costume system and made no comments about how you plan to fix this mess.

Your level of communication when it comes to character customization and costumes have left a lot to be desired. I generally have no concerns that you guys won't fix bugs or won't deliver content or won't keep the game balanced. But I have huge doubts about your ability to improve or even keep customization good.