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Re: 3D

I just don't get that. I think 3D is as great for movies, when used passively (none of that fly at the screen gimmickry), as surround sound. Yes, the glasses aren't ideal, but the increase in immersion is well worth it. Watching Titanic in 3D just reinforced my feelings on this even though it was a conversion.

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Yes, most directors aren't them. But I think if more directors took a similar approach of 3D as another tool for immersion rather than a gimmick it could be much more well-received. Even non-action movies benefit.

That said I think 3D could be a great tool for subtle enhancements to direction, such as depth of field and lighting (the way shadows come to life in 3D is amazing).

BTW - Great work on all the titles you were involved it!

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No, wasn't jerky at all. But I highly doubt Cameron would have released it if it were.