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If you could smoke with anyone in history ever, who would it be?

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I feel like dispatch centers should be able to have discretion. A guy called the cops on me and a friend for trespassing because a frisbee went in his front yard and we went to get it. I couldn't believe they actually took the time to dispatch someone for that and waste the cop's time.

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Hey Jason, any scars left over from the glass clock incident? Lol

But seriously I've seen you guys live 3 times and its fucking amazing every time. I look forward to the next time you guys roll through Orlando!

Oh and my offer, from Tumblr, to take you guys to lunch before a show still stands!

EDIT: Said glass clock incident. Jason thought it was plastic when he took it off of the wall.

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Wish we had the shirt and bathing suit rule at Universal...

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Completely understandable about the no visitors thing. I would probably be the same way.

And my pants are ready for the new Whitechapel. Spare pairs are on standby.