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deadlywoodlouse51 karma

Do you think if marijuana is legalised in America, other countries will follow suit? And, following on, how long do you think it would take before it a) became fully legal in America, and b) in the other countries?

deadlywoodlouse22 karma

I'm from the UK, and am not a user of marijuana, merely an intrigued observer of the debate. I support legalization, because of the statistics I have seen posted on /r/trees regarding the death rates of users compared to other drugs (I believe it was 600,000 p.a. for alcohol, 100,000 p.a. for smokers, and 0 "ever" for weed.) As you may expect, I am especially curious of my country's reaction. What do you think my government's reaction would be? I appreciate you may not be familiar with our legal system, and I can't say I would be much help with that.

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Land of the Free, eh? Especially considering the prison rate.