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50 years from now what do you want Hong Kong to be in terms of autonomy from mainland China?

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  1. Is Umass the best of the 5 colleges?
  2. Best food in Amherst?
  3. What is your favorite lift?

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Hello Beto,

I was excited when you announced your candidacy.

Questions I have:

-in a globalized economy unskilled labor struggles in wealthy nations as they have to compete globally (manufacturing is one thing pushed to less wealthy areas for the cheap labor). I think Trump has tapped into this anxiety among america’s unskilled labor. How will you address this fear to them of offshoring jobs or displacement from automation?

-Do you want a private health insurance market or a single public option?

-What is Russia’s end goal of interference in elections; do they want to weaken Nato and the EU to prepare for a land/resource grab?