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As far as I know /u/freshyrocks doesn't fly bush. It's been 7 months and he hasn't flown a single bush.

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We are on a $41,800 per year. It is only a few grand above the pilots award. So not that great but its more than enough to live off and even have money to save!

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Yes! It is a rugged and untouched place. Especially some of the coastal places are just absolutely magnificent.

Edit: quick photo of Cable Beach from the air

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Most of the so called "bush" strips are all fairly long (ie long enough for a Royal Flying Doctor PC-12 to land/take off from) and are kept it fairly good conditions. Actually landing on dirt strips makes your landing smoother than bitumen so I prefer dirt!

Edit: God damn it.

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/u/freshyrocks is generally pretty nervous when talking to women.

But nah, we pretty much the taxi drivers of the place.