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Hi Adam,

I met you ever so briefly at Dragoncon in '08, in what could only be described as a rushed meet and greet fitting in as many people as possible. It was still awesome to say thank you and shake your hand.

What is the most memorable time you have had at a con?

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Hi mate,

Propellers or jet engines and why?

For me it's propellers. Can't beat the sound of a majestic Rolls Royce Merlin being followed by the whistle of a fuel injected V12 Jumo!

More importantly, when are we going to grab some lunch?



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I'll speak to DG tomorrow. It's on!

Thought you'd be in for the props, but I wanted to know for sure.

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Hi Jon,

Thanks for doing the AMA!

Is it easy to cope with having to place advertising into your product? Does it ever get annoying and how creative can you get with it?

Example: Adding Burger King products in Iron Man