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Can you elaborate on this? What about aging inspired change?

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This is so underrated. Why do we expect people to dedicate themselves to positive work for free? If you’re passionate about improving the world and helping others, do you not deserve a living wage?

35K a year seems incredibly low and unsustainable if OP is a primary bread winner.

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I frequently experience the word PUT getting autocorrected to OUT.

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No problem my friend. I'm always happy to share my story and answer questions. Feel free to PM me if you have any more.

Sorry to OP for doing this in your AMA and thanks once again for answering my question.

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Pretty well actually. I'm not the kind of person to pressure others to believe. My family saw a big change in that I quit alcohol and weed, became very family oriented, put a but emphasis on honesty, etc. They saw that I was much happier too so they figured it was a good change for me.

Some friends were not supportive at all and in fact would criticize me a lot for the changes they were seeing. Funny how they felt that me abstaining from certain behavior or activities was imposing my beliefs on them. I ended up losing a couple of friends and drifting apart from some others but I gained many many more friends than what I lost.