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What's your favourite book?

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And if anyone is looking for Brave-verified sites to give back to, check out givebat.com :) (or batgrowth.com for more complete lists)

Full disclosure, givebat.com is my site. Even fuller disclosure, it feels very out of date and Iā€™m constantly trying to find the time to update it šŸ˜…

And if you're interested in switching to Brave from this thread (do it, it's great!), go here and help out the site by using our link :) (or here's a regular link if not)

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Here you go.

Transcription of the relevant part for the lazy/mobile: "It was basically just what we called the apartment we lived in on Olympic, with all the traffic. It was a sarcastic name from a sarcastic Tennesee Williams style sketch we did about the apartment. Akiva wrote a one-act play... [gets cut off by Norm who derails the question]"

For future reference, the easiest way is to pause the video at the time you want, then click Share (underneath the video) and then tick the little "Start at xx:xx" box and it'll automatically append the necessary parameters to the URL for you.

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That's exactly what I meant, yeah :)

I'm hoping to have a CMS integrated soon and a custom dashboard I can check once a day to write a quick little piece about new creators / publishers coming on board as it happens. The backlog of things I want to do with the site feels infinite. But I'm also working 2 jobs right now and there aren't enough hours in the day...