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I read the title and thought "I bet it's the Tampa Bay Times".

Which makes me wonder, is the Times the best paper in the state, more willing to engage in Reddit, or both?

I don't recall seeing AMAs from Miami Herald reporters, and I couldn't name any other papers in Florida. The Sun-Times sticks in my head, but that's a Chicago paper.

At any rate, thanks for the work you do! It's important,

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She's just here to talk about Rampart.

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He's clearly here to talk about Rampart.

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I read somewhere that the IRS has enough information just from business payroll tax filings, that for the average taxpayer filing a 1040A or EZ the agency could fill out a return and send it out. Assuming no major changes in situations like buying a house, is this true/workable? I'd love to get a letter from IRS with my 1040 already filled out. I could review it for accuracy and sign it and return it.

But I realize that H&R Block, et am, will never allow that to happen.

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He's just here to talk about rampart...