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My boyfriend doesn't have a reddit account, but I had to do this for him! He's your biggest fan.

Ever since I've been dating him, he'll put on Korn and tell me what an inspiration you guys are to him musically and that you guys are what caused him to start his band.! He's also said that Jonathan is his biggest inspiration vocally and lyrically when he's writing his own material.

Can you guys say hi to him, and give some words of encouragement in regards to making/writing music? He's honestly one of the most talented guys I've ever come across and I know this would make his entire life!

He's going to your concert tonight in LA, if you yelled out "Alex, Korn says be nice to your girlfriend" tonight at your show, I'm pretty sure he'd shit his pants and cry at the same time. Which would make my entire life!

EDIT: I guess they didn't say anything tonight :-( but I guess JD had pneumonia really bad and had to use an oxygen tank in between songs...So I'll forgive them! I'm sure he loved the show without the shout out! And them responding here probably made him smile too. Shitting pants is a funny response he'll appreciate.